What are the characteristics of SMC materials? Brief answer about SMC molding product planning
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Our friends often ask about SMC materials, SMC molds and other related questions. We can't answer them one by one. We can only briefly introduce the characteristics of SMC materials and the planning of SMC molded products in this paper. The contents are as follows:

SMC material features:
1. Excellent corrosion resistance;
2. Light weight, simple and flexible project planning;
3. Its mechanical function can be compared with some metal data) with good planning, high strength, waterproof, corrosion resistance, not easy to pollution and other characteristics.

Therefore, the features of fiberglass reinforced plastic air conditioner housing made of SMC composite materials are as follows:
1. Light weight;
2. High specific strength;
3. Shock resistant features.

The density of FRP air conditioner case is about 1 / 4 of that of steel and 2 / 3 of that of aluminum, but its strength is very high. Its tensile strength is close to that of carbon steel, and its bending strength and modulus of elasticity are 8-10 times of that of general plastic profiles. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging, SMC data are excellent corrosion resistant data, and have good resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, some organic matters, seawater and humid. They also have the function of resisting microorganisms and their long service life.

SMC mold pressing product planning:

As for the planning of SMC molded products, not only the shape and structure of finished products are determined according to the application quality requirements of SMC finished products and the working conditions of receiving loads, but also the necessary analysis and weight of each procedure and each influencing factor in the process should be carried out according to the practice of molding production, so that the determined finished product structure can meet the technical requirements of molding production.

The influence of SMC finished product planning structure on the later production process mainly shows the difficulty of mold planning and the implementation of technical conditions in the molding process. The ideal molding product structure should be able to easily plan and make molding mold, and can smoothly produce excellent SMC molding products.

The external shape planning of SMC product is the fundamental link of SMC molding product planning.

External shape of SMC products: the external dimension and shape of SMC molded products are obtained under the inclusion of moulded parts. The simpler the external shape of the finished product is, the easier it will be to process and manufacture the mold parts; the lower the external dimension precision request of the finished product, the lower the machining accuracy of the mold forming parts will be. Therefore, in determining the external structure of the finished product, we should try to make it simple and regular on the premise of satisfying the application quality.

In the planning of SMC molded products, we should pay full attention to the influence of finished product shape on the technicality. In many cases, the requirement of groove, platform and height will not only complicate the mold manufacturing, but also affect the yield because of the reverse flow direction of the molding material. Therefore, in the shape planning of SMC products (especially for high-strength products), it is necessary to reduce the flow reversal bending of molding materials in the molding process. Due to the existence of sharp corner, SMC molding material is blocked by the sharp angle in the molding process, resulting in uneven material flow, which often leads to resin accumulation or material shortage and looseness at the sharp corner, and simply forms the uneven compression of the finished product, resulting in warpage and deformation of the finished product due to the existence of internal stress after demoulding. In addition, the defects of poor surface quality and strength decrease will be formed.

Therefore, when planning SMC molded products, the sharp corner should be rounded, and the radius should be increased as much as possible without affecting the appearance and application requirements.

Believe to see here, friends have a clear understanding of SMC materials and SMC products. I hope the above content is helpful to you, thank you for browsing!
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